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Kirby RPG:Pop Star in 5 Pieces (Witch is also Know as Kirby RPG) is an Kirby RPG Game.


One day on Pop Star someone named Darkno (Pronunced Dark-No.) Split Pop Star in 5 Pieces and Kirby and his Friends go save Pop Star.Darkno also Tricks Dark Kirby into thinking Kirby is a Bad Guy.


Characters Description

Kirby 19

The inhaling Puffball is back! Kirby can get Copy Abilities when he eats things.
King Dedede King Dedede 4 Need an Hammer.This Guy has an Hammer! Attack the Enemies With this King using that Hammer.

Meta Knight   Meta Knight 7

That Knight is back! Use Galaxia to cut those Enemies half.
Waddle Dee

Bandana Waddle Dee 4

This Waddle is not like most Waddle Dees.He has a Spear! That Spear sure does Damage enemies!
Dark Kirby

Copy Abilities Edit

Copy Abilities
Copy Abilities Description
SwordSword Kirby This Ability cuts things like cutting ropes,the hat is the greenish thing on this Ability.
BeamBeam Kirby Use your wand to attack.Shoot your beams all over the place with this Ability!
FireFire Kirby The flames are on the flaming Fire ability! Beath fire out of your Mouth!